GamerTagg is a collective of amazing people striving to bring the video gaming community to the world.


What we introduce to the world is “GamerTagg Nation”. Now we are in the face-off era in entertainment you know; your crew against my crew, lets get it on, no ones hotter than me!!! You see it everyday on American Idol, The World Series of Poker, Americans Top Dance Crew, and even Dancing with the Stars. Those examples are based on mostly dancing and singing competitions which is great but still not enough.


From all walks of life as far in as the inner city, the surburbs, and as far up in the hills of Beverly there are over 300 million people populating the U.S. with reports that 73% of which plays some sort of video game. GamerTagg has been created to be the first interactive gaming face-off for competitors in a market thats the #1 source of all entertainment in the U.S.


GamerTagg Nation is to the Gamer as, “Facebook” and “Youtube” is to be for social networks. It is built to accomodate the steady mass of gamers coming to compete in the show. GamerTagg is not just a tournament, its an occupation for gamers. As with any other occupation, the best will be the most successful. Gamers will compete to be the best in all cities across the land. The one thing that we know about gamers is that they all think that their the hottest to ever hold a controller and GamerTagg is here so that they can prove it. 






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